Writing my website specifications

is now easy, quick and free

Timsy is your new assistant. He will provide you support in writing your website specifications and provide you with a professional document really quickly.

How does it work

Kickstart your website projects withTimsy in 3 simple steps

Timsy is your website project manager. He is there to support you in drafting website specification documents. You will get a professional document in good shape and in a few moments.

  • You answer to Timsy's questions

    Our bot Timsy exactly knows exactly what information he needs to realize your specifications, you just have to answer!

  • Your specifications are generated

    Your specifications are instantly generated, as soon as you validate your answers at the end of the Timsy’s questions.

  • You can download it in docx or pdf format

    Once generated, you have the choice: you can download your specifications in DOCX or PDF format.

The specifications,an essential document

A project can be prepared, it can be framed and refined over time. Thus, the specifications are a very important step. It is the step through which everyone involved in a project will be able to identify the needs. Thus, the better you write your specifications, the more serene you can be if one of the stakeholders in the project overlooks something.

You’ll have to ask yourself the right questions, and that’s when you won’t be able to do without Timsy! He knows what questions to ask you and how to format a document, it’s his job and even his passion. All day long, he asks questions and then formats clear and precise documents in a particularly methodical way.

Website specifications

Tismy the project manager,at your service!

He is there to assist you in the creation of your specifications. He will ask you questions related to your project in order to design a complete and relevant document. Indeed, Timsy is above all the reflection of a long and rich experience in project management. Oh yes, web and mobile projects, he has seen a lot!

Once you have answered all his questions, he will format a beautiful document in PDF format that you can then download for free. This document can then be sent to the various people who will take part in the project, but also to your possible service provider who will take care of the realization. <b>Entrust him with your first project!</b>

Website specifications

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