Agile Methodology: What It Is & How It Connects to Website Development

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From small shops to multinational corporations, there isn’t an organization that doesn’t rely heavily on practical project management — especially when it comes to website development. In a competitive market like our current one, ensuring your workforce has a clear plan could be the difference between succeeding and falling behind.  

It’s no secret that every digital organization should write specifications to build the most efficient website possible, but how else can a team complete projects in a structured and streamlined manner? Well, by using agile methodology to develop specifications, you can execute large-scale website projects in half the time.

What is Agile Methodology?

Four key points define agile methodology, all of which contribute to its reputation as one of the best project management concepts in modern practice.  

1.     Working products hold more importance than detailed documents.

2.     Customers are heavily involved throughout the product creation process.

3.     Plans are flexible to allow for any necessary changes.

4.     Interactions and people hold more importance than processes and tools.

Benefits of Agile Methodology  

When using agile methodology to build specifications, your organization can expect to enjoy some of the following benefits:

·      Weekly to monthly updates, boosting product development and resulting in a quicker final delivery.

·      Enhanced communication with clients, ensuring the creative process is collaborative and reducing the number of revisions required upon delivery.

·      Any necessary changes are more easily made, with development teams regularly updating products according to client wishes.

·      Reduced project risks: less money is spent overall thanks to the faster development time and product issues are noticed earlier rather than later. 

How to Use Agile Methodology in Your Website Projects

As always, you should write specifications to ensure your web projects go as smoothly as possible. Once a plan has been set and your team is ready to get started, you can incorporate some of these agile methodology techniques throughout the process:  

Keep Your Clients Updated

Whether you’ve committed to five weeks or five months of work with your client, agile methodology encourages organizations to update their clients regularly during development. This enables clients to see the product as it’s being made and request changes.  

Set Up Multiple Sprints for a Faster Delivery

Working in sprints of one to four weeks is common for teams following agile methodology, and it’s one of the reasons why the approach is so successful.  

Prioritize Collaboration

Web development is not a one-way street. Plan regular meetings with both team members and clients to ensure all voices are heard and proactively resolve issues.

Keep it Simple

Unnecessary requirements should be eliminated from your development plan, as these will extend your delivery time and reduce the focus on what really matters.

Aim for Improvements

Every iteration of your project should improve upon the last, making for a final product that is the best it can possibly be.

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