Would you need a website planning specification?

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Website specification

Website specification means to outline the features of each page of the website. The purpose of the document is to make the website requirements and design clear to the web development team. This website planning specification should get known to the website development team to achieve the required goals.

As there is a massive variety of functions and designs incorporated into the website, it is needed to choose the best suits and is more profitable for the client. The website specification is decided by the collaboration of the client and the web developer. If you plan to create a website for your business, first make sure to develop a website specification document or a template.

Various components that identify the website specification need to be decided and listed on paper.

Website Structure

The first one is the structure of the website. The website structure creates the first impression on the user and makes sure that the user understands the features provided. Moreover, it is neat and tidy to allow the user to find things conveniently. The website specification should work on how the website looks and how it performs the essential functions? How can it fulfill the needs of the visitor? It includes the following.

Navigation on the website

Decide the kind of navigation that you want to have for your website, e.g., structural navigation, utility navigation, associative navigation, direct navigation, structure navigation, and so on. Working on navigation is essential because it allows the users to find different features available on the website. Navigation enhances the user experience on the website; when the users are more engaged, it will increase the website's ranking.

Page Layout

The text boxes, footer, call to action buttons, search bar, star rating, widgets, etc., are included in the page elements. Developing these elements requires coding, so it should be made clear in website specifications. Nothing should be left undecided, and you must think and make a clear decision about each page element. Add the elements that are necessary for the website. If these are not worked out in website specifications, they are challenging to change afterward.

Features and Functions

All functions of the website get aimed to be provided to the visitor on the website. It is required that you plan the website specification from a functionality point of view. Try to provide simple and easy to go functions on the website. People are not interested in complex websites. The website specification document will help in this regard as it will list down the functions on one page, which will make it easier for the web developers not to miss a single function.

The website loading time must be short, and it should have functions such as the call to action buttons to engage the audience on the web pages.

Design of the website

Website design includes the graphics of the website. Design and structure are linked with each other to some extent. But the design mostly focuses on appearance rather than functions. It would help if you planned an innovative idea and out of the box approach for an excellent and unique website. Once you have decided on the design that will suit your website's niche, include it clearly in the website specification. The unique, useful, and relevant design is essential to engage the visitor on the website, so it is necessary to choose the design wisely.

Most of the time, the developers have excellent designing skills, but it might not be suitable for your website niche. In that case, you might not be getting what you wanted. So make it very clear to the developer about the design. The design of each webpage must get discussed separately in the website specification.

The color scheme is chosen, which is the most crucial factor in website designing. The colors have the power to attract and appeal to the viewer.

Website Content

Website content holds enormous importance in website specifications. The typography and the fonts that are to be used must be decided. The amount and type of content that is to be displayed on each page of the website should be decided before starting the process of web development. The content is beneficial in engaging the visitor and is crucial in ranking the website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Having the idea of the amount and type of content that is to be displayed on the website will make it suitable for developing the pages accordingly to accommodate the text and other content most delightfully and appealingly.

Why Would You Need Website Planning Specification?

Website planning is mandatory as there are a lot of features and a variety of available designs.

Time management

The website specification planning will save the time of the programmer. The website clearly defines the goals and the objectives. Primarily this is helpful while creating big websites because it has more features than needed to be incorporated. So the developing team with clear goals can work without any hindrance or confusion, which saves their time, which otherwise might be wasted.


The maximum advantage of creating website specifications is that it will give you a clear idea about the expenses spent on creating the website. The cost is specified for each of the functions. Also, planning website specification saves the extra expenditure that would have been spent on the error that occurs if development is started without the plan.

Outstanding Desired Results

The website specification planning is mandatory for you if you want to achieve the expected results with high-quality design and functionality. Planning will lead towards the choice of the best design, and the work will get done smoothly. Suppose there is a document that has the website specification. In that case, it will help clarify the objectives and functions of the website to the developer, and it can be used as a checklist to know if the conditions and requirements are fulfilled.

Overall, viewing the benefits makes it clear that website specification planning is requisite before you jump into the website's development phase.

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