Should You Write a Technical Specification Document for Your Web Projects?

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Website Technical Specification Document

A technical specification document for a website is a document that lists the requirements or specifications that need to be fulfilled while creating a website or software development or doing another website-related project. It includes the specifications for the following.

  • Goals to be achieved through the website
  • Visitor interaction
  • Editing and updating the content
  • Sitemap and navigation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website content management system
  • Accessibility
  • Designing and look
  • Security of the website
  • Hosting
  • Support and maintenance of the website
  • Other requirements

Should You Write a Technical Specification Document for Your Web Projects?

This document is crucial as hundreds of websites are present on the World Wide Web, so the web developer must know what your idea is and what functions you need it to perform. The Goals you want to achieve are not known to anyone better than you. So it is a much-needed document that will include the specifications about the structure and function of the website.

The product will be more successful if all the requirements are clearly stated. The technical specification document leaves the web developing team with no confusion at all.

Benefits of Writing Technical Specifications

Writing a technical specification document has been focused on by many experts, and they claimed that it is an integral part of the web development and software development process. Many benefits will help you understand that you should write a technical specification document for your web project or not.

Better Understanding of Website Function

The web developer who is provided with the technical specifications template will know the same task he/she needs to focus on. Moreover, website development needs highly complex coding; if something goes wrong, then it will create trouble to reset from the beginning. It will require tremendous time and will end in frustration from both sides. The results will be far different from what was imagined by the client.

Cost Estimation

Listing the website's specification that the client has ordered for development will make it convenient for both parties to negotiate and estimate the cost. The technical specification document does not include the cost exactly, but the listed tasks make it easier to understand the expenses and expected price.

If there is no technical specification document, the programmer may add extra charges during the coding process. There might be no cost control, and there will be ambiguities and misunderstandings between the client and the development team.

Time Management

Time is a significant factor, and mostly it is wasted when there is poor communication between the client, project manager, and website developer. Once the adequate time is spent on making a technical specification document, it will save wasted hours on the questions during the development phase about what to do? How to do? What is required? Etc.

To avoid extra meetings and unnecessary delays, it is essential for developers to know the technical specifications of the website. A detailed document about all the requirements must be prepared and should not be taken for granted at both ends. It will lead to unwanted consequences, and efforts may go in vain. And this is how you can manage the time and use it in the best possible way.


It is compulsory to have a clear road map that the team could follow to achieve any business or project goals. Having the plan on paper is very beneficial because during the development at any time, the developer can consult the document and add the required functions in the coding. Moreover, this is a more professional approach compared to deciding things randomly.

Client Satisfaction

For every project, client satisfaction is essential for web developers. Most of the time, it is observed by the web developers that once the website is made, they are never 100% satisfied and may blame the developer sometimes for not fulfilling the requirements properly. And this may lead to an inappropriate discussion with the client. The client may have different expectations in the end. Also, sometimes the developer may miss out on essential features during the coding of a website.

If everything is written on paper and the developer has followed the guidelines accordingly, as stated in the technical specification document, there will be no such issue. The paper itself will be proof and prevent such situations. It is also beneficial from a legal perspective and can be presented as proof to the client.


It is compulsory to communicate with the programmers in their language to achieve perfection for your website, and this task is done for you by the technical specification document. The programmers are creative, and they have a vast space where they can play, so it is required that the clients' demands and obligations should be present on the technical specification document.

As there are many features and functions that a web developer can incorporate into the website, but if the ones required for the particular business website or an education or government website are lacking, there is no use of the entire website. The client may have to invest tremendous time and cost once again for developing that feature for the website. The technical specification document provides the instructions and guidelines to the programmer in their language about what to do.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Sometimes website development is a process that takes a year or few years to complete. In that case, a technical specification document will be mandatory to analyze the team's performance and the website that they are developing. Furthermore, it helps to see the project's picture as a whole, so you must have the technical specification document, which enables you to know that the features work as they were required to do so.

These were the arguments that tell you why you should write a technical specification document and how it will impact the development process as a whole. But at the end of the day, it is your decision.

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